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WMCC Champions

2016 Men's Club Champion

Mills Brown is White Mountain Country Club's title defender for the fourth straight year. Mills also tied the course record twice with the original record holder, Tom Weiskopf of 61. 
 2016 Men's President's Cup 

Charlie Moody won the title for the 2016 Men's President's Cup. 
 2016 Mr. and Mrs. Club Champion

Tori and Ken Totlis won the title for the 2016 Mr. and Mrs. Club Champion!
 2016 Men's Club Point Champion

RT Brown
 holds the gold as our Men's Club Point Champ! Only the top 20 players from the entire 2016 season with combined scores from tournaments and organized golf events participated in this tournament.  
 2016 Ladies Club Champion

Diane Moore 7 time title-holder, repeated in 2016 for the 5th consecutive year!

 2016 Ladies President's Cup

Terri Healy comes out with an outstanding win as the 2016 Ladies President's Cup Champ!