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About the Rec. Hall

The mission of White Mountain Country Club's Recreation Hall is to provide an environment where children can safely play and participate in a variety of recreational, cultural and sports activities focused on capturing their imagination and connecting with nature.

Getting Back to Nature 

We strive to get our kids outside and let them get their hands dirty. All of the kids have ample opportunities for indoor activities when they are home. We provide opportunities to explore nature, build forts and experience the wild! We have established a nature study area on site that includes a "critter cabin" with cages and terrariums for reptiles, bugs and small mammals. We take the kids on outings such as frog and crawdad catching, hiking and bike trips. There are also weekly field trips to local attractions such as the movies, horse-back riding, go carting, bowling, scavenger hunts, camping and much more! We have a fishing derby every Saturday from our 18th green lake, which is abundantly stocked with fish! We have daily activities that the children have the option of participating in such as, kickball, volleyball, basketball, ice blocking, arts and crafts, boat building, bird house building and painting, talent shows, movie and game nights and the list goes on!

When the kids have down time we also have several pool and ping pong tables, air hockey, fooseball, several jungle gyms and a tree house!

For our younger children we offer a program 3 times a week from 10-2 for those ages 4-6. Our Cubs Camp is a highly supervised program and the ratio of kids to staff doesn't exceed 4:1. Reservations and a fee are required for this limited space program.

The Recreation Hall is a service provided for our members children, grandchildren and guests of our members aged 6 years to 15 years of age. The Rec. Hall is operated as an open program, and the kids are able to come and go as they please. 

We do not provide babysitting and children under 6 years old must be accompanied by someone who is 12 years or older.

The Recreation Hall is open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. From May 27, 2017 through August 6th the Rec. Hall will be open daily from 10-4 and Friday and Saturday nights from 6-9:30. August 8th through September 4th, the Rec. Hall will be open Friday and Saturday nights from 6-9:30 and Saturday and Sundays from 10-4.